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Pirate Attack!
Special Abilities
Expansion Pack 6
3 to 10 Players
Ages 8 & Up
SRP $ 15.00
The sixth (and final) expansion pack of 50 cards and 2 Dice "Pirate Attack- Special Abilities", gives players (who choose to) a Special Ability, but only if they are willing to Sell Their Soul to get it.

These cards are optional for players that want them.  You can get a Special Ability like Magic Master,  Money Master, The Vault, Raid The Shop and more that will help you throughout the game, but to get this you must first Sell Your Soul by getting something like Sharks, Banned From The Bar, Easy Target and No Free Gold.

Also add 20 more ships with special abilities built into the ship.

This tuck box will fold up and be placed under the plastic tray in the Main Game box and the cards will fit into the Main Game tray.

Videos of how to play this expansion and all other expansions can be found on the Main Game page Here.
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